Welcome to 2Dogs Games.  We’re creating a futuristic strategy/combat mmo, called Destiny’s Sword.

Come behind the scenes and join us, as we craft our new game.

Destiny’s Sword

Destiny’s Sword™ is a combat/strategy mmorpg.  Inspired by early story-driven titles in the genre like the Crescent Hawks and Front Mission series, and featuring strategic, cinematic combat, Destiny’s Sword weaves a rich narrative that guides the player as they control fantastic clashes between human and machine.

Combat with consequences

What really sets Destiny’s Sword apart from other mmos is that progression is not just about stats, abilities and a bunch of random numbers.  It’s also about managing the mental health of your team.  

Through our extensive work with combat veterans on our previous titles, we’ve seen some of the long-term costs of conflict, and we felt it was high time that our entertainment presented a better depiction of this.

With a thorough injury mechanic, characters in Destiny’s Sword can be wounded and even killed, but they can also suffer persistent mental health issues like PTSD, depression, anxiety and addiction.  Our goal is for players to gain empathy for their characters as they shepherd them through recovery.

Throughout the game, the choices players make will have far reaching impact.  They will not only shape the future of their own squad, but the decisions players make will also affect the game’s emergent story for everyone else.  In Destiny’s Sword, players will become part of the experience and shape the evolution of the game!

Success Redefined

Destiny’s sword is a community-first mmo – it’s not about how much you can personally win and hoard, but about how much you contribute to the group and elevate those around you.

No more endgamers beating on a dragon, while newbies get wasted by rabbits on the other side of the world.  In Destiny’s Sword, our team-first gameplay mechanics mean everyone has value.

Achieving success will require communication and strategizing between players across a variety of levels and abilities.  

Community participation and interaction will also be a big part of helping characters recover from injury and mental illness.

About Us

2Dogs Games Ltd. is an independent Canadian game development studio, founded in 2017 by CEO & Creative Director Ken Hall and formed by a highly experienced team of industry veterans.

Our core team have held Lead or Senior development positions on numerous cutting-edge AAA projects across the full range of platforms, including:

For us, gaming isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life!

We want to change online gaming for the better, and we felt the only way to do it right was as an independent studio.  We’ve come together as 2Dogs Games to make the game we believe in.

Difficult? You bet, but we love being underdogs, and with the support of our friends and community behind us we’ve set out to prove we’re up to the challenge!

The Team

Ken Hall, Founder   

CEO & Founder Ken Hall has a 20-year track record of designing and creating award-winning, cutting-edge games for console and PC.  Ken is renowned for his visual storytelling and his ability to create incredibly immersive worlds.

Charles Wright, Co-Founder, Writer   

Charles Wright is a privacy and data management expert.  He has managed privacy, data analytics and KPI tracking for numerous healthcare institutions, as well as the John Tory mayoral campaign.

Dave Ramnarine, Co-Founder, Game Mechanics Lead   

Dave Ramnarine is a renowned figure in classic tabletop, RPG gaming and comic conventions, where he has won awards for his tactics and overall gaming prowess. He has helped create and manage gaming conventions and regularly GMs at CanGames. He has been instrumental in the design and testing of countless tabletop and RPG successes including the acclaimed Pirates series.

Ramin Shokrizade, Metagame Designer   

Ramin Shokrizade is a game economy expert with a background in the psychology of gaming. Ramin has designed the economies of numerous successful games and is an outspoken advocate for ethical game design and monetization.  He has been Gamasutra’s expert blogger on F2P monetization for more than 6 years.

Chad Serio, Lead Programmer   

Chad Serio has been a senior/lead programmer on Warframe and over 35 other titles on PC, console and mobile platforms.

M. D. Cooper, Writer 

A twenty-year software development veteran, Malorie’s experiences there translated well into the realm of science fiction, where she has created the extensive best-selling Aeon14 series. A ‘maker’ from an early age, Malorie loves to craft things, from furniture, to cosplay costumes, to a well-spun tale.

Amy Lockwood, Community Manager   

Amy Lockwood is a multi-platform storyteller.  With extensive media experience, she excels at weaving a narrative through the digital space. Whether for television, films, or video games, Amy helps brands build their online presence and grow their audiences.

Advisory Board

We’re very lucky to have the support of some incredible people, to help us realize our vision.

Riad Byne, Veterans’ Advisor

Riad Byne served 23+ years with the Canadian Armed Forces and was medically retired in May 2014. During his time with the forces, Riad deployed to Croatia in 1994, Bosnia in 1998, Kosovo in 1999, Afghanistan in 2003, as well as other domestic operations.

In March of 2017, Riad, along with 8 other veteran co-founders started Spartan Wellness by MPX, which is a company that provides men and women in uniform along with their families, a high quality of patient service with respect, honesty, integrity and giving back.

Dr. B., Mental Health Advisor

Dr. B is a doctor of clinical psychology and the clinical director of Take This, a mental health nonprofit serving the game community/industry that provides resources, guidelines and training about mental health issues in the game community, thus reducing the stigma of mental illness, largely through industry consultation and the pioneering of staffed mental health rooms at conventions: the AFK Rooms.

In addition to his work with Take This, Dr. B has a private practice in the Seattle area, and he is also a lecturer and trainer on the applied use of therapeutic role playing games.